Are you feeling disconnected in your relationship with your partner? Do you feel like you have tried everything but nothing seemed to work? Often we feel lost, victimized, fearful, lonely, unlovable and helpless and suffer through sleepless nights and lost days.

It is absolutely possible to transform these feelings into extraordinary moments of healing and empowerment. Wounds can be healed. Trust can be rebuilt. I have developed powerful and effective methods to enable each partner to bring healthy and strong core values forward to share within the relationship. I will help you to create boundaries, open new channels of communication, deal with the past in a healthy way so that those issues can stop being triggers. Clear away the wreckage of the past in order to give birth to new experiences, new feelings and be able to build an exciting momentum together.

The issues I can help you with are:

  • Building a healthy and lasting relationship
  • Communication with one another
  • Experience empathy
  • Setting boundaries
  • How to deal with finances together
  • Building a strong partnership
  • Beginning a relationship
  • Ending a relationship
  • Sex, trust and intimacy