Personal Growth

There is a saying that we are spiritual beings having a human experience. When we are born our spirit is intact and “super charged” with the love intelligence of the universe and is a unique and perfect radiance of our core essence with innate gifts, power and inner senses. It shines brightly, feeling ready and prepared to have the experience of life. However, our sense of awareness becomes altered due to the influences of our life’s journey – our relationships, family, personal wounds and struggles, societal opinions and judgments, deep personal loss, anxiety and sadness. These wounds generally occur when we are very young and innocent. We can be impacted in our thoughts and feelings about who we are and how we feel. But great healing comes from journeying through these wounds – seeing them, hearing them and allowing them to dissolve away with the love intelligence that is forever with us in our inner selves. This inner essence is impervious to harm and can never change and is the key element in true, long lasting healing. What remains is the original you – strong, beautiful, powerful with never ending greatness. The limits that were put in place to block your awareness no longer exist or have the power to negatively affect your realization of your unlimited potential, happiness and purpose.