Personal Growth

Another term for personal growth is “raising our consciousness and awareness”. All of us come here to learn and to grow – always through our life experiences which can be hard to process without help along the way. Growth leads to being able to feel a connection to ourselves and to others. It leads to empowerment and gives meaning to our lives.

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Healing and Transformation

The first relationship to heal and transform is the one we have within ourselves. The wounds of our childhood often prevent this first relationship from feeling healthy and interferes with our sense of connection and understanding. My experience with inner child work will allow you to feel connected, like you are enough and to be able to have your own feelings be heard while being able to truly listen and empathize with your loved ones.

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Sex Addiction

“Everything can heal”. You have this ability. With sex addiction, it is a certainty that you can “move from shame to grace” and truly connect with the part of you that needs the most healing in your life. You can learn to love and feel love from another and fully release the wreckage of your past and be able to exhale into a state of love, acceptance and serenity. I create and foster a place of safety, compassion and understanding in my healing work in this very difficult aspect of addiction.

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Parenting and Family

The main ingredients for a healthy family are love, acceptance, connection and understanding. The old unresolved wounds of childhood can prevent all of these from finding their place in your life within your family and can influence your belief in your ability as a parent. I can help you heal the hurt, anger, judgement and loss and this will bring you a renewed sense of vitality, confidence and peace within yourself in your role as a family member as well as that of a parent. I will help you shed the layers of pain and loss you may be feeling and help you to create a consistent energy flow in your life that brings a connection to your inner core values.

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In order for a relationship to feel safe, consistent and reliable, it needs communication in order to provide the healthiest path in creating a solid foundation – if we don’t have it, our relationship cannot function effectively.

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