In relationships, communication is the one aspect that is without a doubt, the most vital component needed in order to build a strong and healthy relationship. The healthy connection is made with love, honesty and understanding with a softer and more accepting tone and volume which creates a sense of safety and intimacy between the two. Certain words and tones can open the communication lines while others can unfortunately, close the door to what is needed in order to build something that creates a successful bond which in turn allows for deeper connections together. Certain words, phrased in a positive manner along with a simple approach allows an extraordinary connection that brings a freshness and hope to a relationship that has lost its way. Having our voices, finding our voices and moving forward with our hopes and our dreams are realized when they are shared with the person that we love. Communication is the key to this and can unlock doors that seemingly were thought to be boarded shut. Often, we just don’t know what to say or how to say it.

The opposite of talking is listening and this is just as important when building a strong relationship. Saying what we mean at the time when we mean to say it is vital and necessary. Due to the fact that we are working through our own issues because of our childhood experiences, it is important that we are clear in our definition of ourselves and not leave any doubts about what we are saying. All too often the wrong perception is formed because we are just not clear enough. Our partner could be basing their ideas on their own fears, anxieties, doubts and needs which do not translate well in the relationship and it is wise to never create a situation where they need to guess and interpret on their own. Equally important is being able to hear what the other person is saying from their perspective and is the most important skill to develop. All too often we insist on communicating things from our perspective rather than truly hearing what our partner is saying and feeling in the moment which does not allow for a clear flow of talking and listening.

In order for a relationship to feel safe, consistent and reliable, it needs communication in order to provide the healthiest path in creating a solid foundation – if we don’t have it, our relationship cannot function effectively.

Why Is Communication Important In Relationships?
Written by: Ian Whitelaw, Executive Contributor