Parenting and Family

As spiritual beings, we possess the inner drive and emotional courage to be the best parents we can possibly be for our children. We want to have families that are exploding with love, happiness and joy. We think, plan and dream about being parents. Men want to be the best examples of being a Father. Women aspire to be the best Mothers. However, events take place, negative situations create wounds and our perceptions become clouded with outside influences and experiences which then result to diminish our capacity to hear, to listen, to accept and to allow our children to be who they show themselves to be in that moment. Fathers and Mothers begin to disagree and this further affects the feelings of connection and unity between them and their abilities as parents is compromised which can be damaging. The resulting sadness that is felt by the family has the ability to grow into the next family unit, creating a cycle of pain and loss for all. Healing this cycle is well within our capabilities as human beings and the sense of guilt, shame and judgments that exist are easily replaced and transformed into a stronger sense of love, acceptance and a higher level of conscious awareness which leads to stronger connections with our children, stronger feelings of consistency, purpose and surrender to the moment of the “I Am”. The ability to be in the moment with ourselves and with our children is one that can lovingly set us free and allows us to see and understand them, without the old influences and scars of our own experiences. We have the great power within us to dissolve the cycles of negativity and personal attachment to their thoughts and actions. They become bright shining beings with their own unique set of gifts and power and almost like magic, stop being the mirrors of doubt and pain caused by our own life experiences. We can then rejoice and revel in the feelings of harmony, a sense of belonging and peace within our family.